>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wooohoooo! I was allowed by the University I studied in to re-enroll. You see, I went back to check on which subjects I had left behind so I could make that FINALLY get my degree in Architecture. In the process of their evaluating my transcript, we found out they had issued an Honorable Dismissal because, after being away from school for 2 or so years, I had decided to go back to school and my mom agreed to help me but on the condition that I go to school in her University at her hometown. The papers were then all processed for the transfer and sent on their way to the new school which I never really attended.

The very helpful woman at the registrar told me I would not be accepted anymore because once given an Honorable Dismissal, you cannot go back. My heart plummeted and I was close to tears. I had so wanted to finally get this degree. So I had to talk to the Head Registrar and eventually was asked to write a letter of request to the Secretary General. I called their office yesterday with my heart racing, not knowing what to expect and was told that they had granted my request! Wooohoooo!!! (Imagine me jumping up and down with joy!!).

15 years later..I am finally going back to school to finish that degree. I have always believed it is never too late to do, be, or achieve anything. We choose our paths, and if the path we have chosen leads us astray we always can choose to lead ourselves out and onto another path. My mom used to be always proud of getting her license to practice pharmacy in the U.S. at a very late age, I believe she was in her late 40s at the time and she continued to work until her 60s until she could not anymore because her diabetes caused too many complications and she had finaly succumbed to it.

We are constantly evolving, constantly learning, constantly seeking. I hope to never loose that sense of wonder and to continually see humor in like a child, laugh unabandonedly, see beauty and hope in every thing.



>> Sunday, October 21, 2007

I got bitten. Roughly a month ago, I discovered "Digital Scrapbooking" and it unleashed that wondrously creative side of me that has been roaring to be let in rawr!!!!! Most definitely that side of me is always there, from my love of anything "artsy" and eye for working a room's design, placement of things, even little things like how I bunch my accessories together, to making my own accessories, planning my garden, even my love for clothes (altering this and that to suit my taste), maybe even my love of cooking has it roots there. It has a history way baaaaack to when I was born a "leftie" har,har, har! But seriously, I remember during elementary days I loved art classes so much, anything to do with putting collages together, mixing colors, getting all glued up with bits and was where I excelled at and it was what I enjoyed doing. I remember my paternal grandfather would always lovingly scold me for doodling at the back of my notebooks. And doodle I loved to do! I used to be able to even sketch the exact thing I was copying.

Gosh that seems so long ago. I haven't seriously doodled or drawn anything save for some stuff I have to draw for my kids school projects. I must be rusty, squeaky and "que horrror" dying to hide anything I draw right now. History did not even stop in Grade School, in High School I was awarded Artist of the Year during our graduation rites..I guess that was for contributing drawings for our school paper, how I got them fooled into thinking my drawings were great, well, I don't know...must be the innocence of youth :) Yet still, my history of loving anything connected to art or creativeness continued on to college where I took up Architecture, deigning to dream of building structures like Frank Lloyd Wright and other great designers at the time. College took me more than the usual 5 years it takes to finish that course and eventually I stopped a mere 10 subjects short of graduation (but of course that is another story to tell on another day ;) ) Went to work for a couple of design firms and tried my hand a freelancing.

So you see, before I became I corporate hag and tried my hands at entrepreneurship, I always had that creative blood coursing though me. I guess, I had put it to deep sleep because I was too busy doing so many other things. At the moment I am a WAHM (work-at-home-mom), and my work, sorry to say, is downright dull, tedious, and requires me to put in long hours in front of a computer doing medical related reports. No place to show your creativity there, because everything has to be precise.

So what a big JOY it was to discover that there was such a hobby as "Digital Scrapbooking" I am now officially hooked and take time to browse the sites, look at layouts for inspiration, read blogs and just marvel at the creativtiy of everyone in the community. Not to mention the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone, from giving out the most wonderful "freebies", to giving out "tutorials". The warmth and caring of the people out there is just overwhelming. Not only am I excited to scrap my memories but I am excited to be meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world!

Still a virtual newbie but so excited to bear with me if my Layouts are a bit too structured, hopefully in time I get the hand of this Photoshop and even learn to create my own kits, but for now, learning all I can about manipulating Photoshop so I can create great LOs are what's important to me. I'll try to post some LOs I've made (I'm also new to this blog thing and as you can see, my blog is bare..still do not know how to attach the header and other stuff, tee hee).

My apologies if I can't credit the owners of some of the papers, elements and alphas I am using, when I created them I was not aware of the TOUs so I did not jot down the designers names for proper credit. I will try to find time to look through my files so I can give credit where its due.

Below is a larger version of MY SCRAP GALLERY, each time I finish a layout, I upload it to the gallery so please keep checking this post to see larger versions of new layouts I have created.

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