>> Monday, June 29, 2009

...to all those who are following my blog and to the wonderful people who have emailed me and sent me comments...

Here is a little doodle monster flair you can use in any of your projects. This monster was drawn by my son Enzo (I'm so proud of him!) and is just one of the cute little monsters that will be given away in my upcoming kit "MONSTER! MONSTER!".

The kit's name reminds me so much of when we were little and my brother and I would tease our youngest sister by calling her "Monster! Monster!" then run away and have her chase us... she would get so mad at us and chase us all over the house, LOL!!! (Don't get mad sissy, you know we LOVE you so much!) Well now, my little sissy monster is such a beautiful swan with a beautiful heart to boot (looks who's laughing now! haha!).

Now I have my own two little monsters, Enzo and Teo, who were such monsters this morning at the breakfast table (they have this Love-Hate relationship, which annoys me to pieces!), squabbling over some little thing. One starts crying and the other follows suit. Then we end with both saying they are sorry. They have these petty quarrels almost everyday and yet they can't seem to be away from each other. Is is that way for you and your kids too? Please tell me its a very normal thing.

You may download my Monster! Monster! flair here: http://www.mediafire.com/?qlwky1ynnzd

Hugs to all of you! [I love hugs (don't you?), they make me feel all warm and fuzzy]


Eclectic World Alpha Freebie and Layout

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

It's a Friday here in my part of the world (although this post will be out later so it may be a Friday in yours too!), the weekend is upon us again, hooray! I promised myself to work on my new kit freebie over the weekend. I finally was able to transfer some files onto DVDRs (that will do...for now), at least it gives me some space to scrap some more. Last night, I tried to open up my Adobe Illustrator to learn it through practice. I used a tutorial on how to make a cute vector monster, this was posted at Blog.SpoonGraphics (love that site! so informative). The tutorial seemed pretty basic but for someone trying Illustrator for the first time, it was pretty frustrating. I guess I'm not familiar yet will all the tools. I only got up to making the circular portions and was really stumped when it came to using the direct selection tool to cut out the portions I did not need. I kept searching and searching Google for instructions - to no avail. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? I'm pretty sure its so simple, geesh, makes me feel stupid, haha! So now, I have to open my book (should have done that in the first place!).

I'm trying to learn Illustrator because my next kit has got lots of monsters in it! The nice, cute ones though. My son Enzo loves to draw too, and he is helping me out, he drew most of the monsters and I'm in charge of creating the vector versions and bringing it to life. This will be fun! No previews yet though - its all in the rough sketch stage at the moment.

I have another freebie today, its the matching alpha for the Eclectic World kit.

YOU MAY DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?yzjwitnay1z

Someone sent me a layout using my kit!!! Suzie (aka phychozoe) thank you for sending me your layout, I love it!!! I am grateful to you for taking the time to do so.

Here is the L/O by Suzie, her dog's name is Chiquita and her shirt says 'Queen of the Dog Park" LOL! What a great L/O!

Here is the D/L link to the freebie for sending me your L/O, it's password protected and the password has been sent through your email: http://www.mediafire.com/?mjomlt5fm1j

It's so sad, I have so many downloads for my Eclectic World Kit, but only got 2 thank you's. Only two out of hundreds who downloaded. It really would be nice to hear some thanks. :(

To Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search and DigiFree, thank you for posting my freebie on your sites!

Some words of encouragement would be nice! And your L/O's even better. You may still send them to me at sassyindy@gmail.com and I will give you the password to the notepaper alpha freebie.

Do subscribe to or follow my blog so you can get notifications of any freebies that will be available.


>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anyone want to buy me an external hard drive? Hahahaha! Seriously, I so badly need one its not even funny. I'm running my Mac on barely 2 GB of space, scary! I've bought so many blank DVDs to back up my files, I probably could have bought an external HD with all the money spent for that. I'm so dying to make new stuff and scrap, but I know if I do that without moving some files out of my HD, I risk having my computer crash. And I just ran out of those blank DVDs, its so annoying! I promise, tomorrow I'm going to buy some more so I can start this kit I'm planning to make and continue the album I'm scrapping. Hopefully by next week, I get the chance to purchase my External HD...hopefully.

No news yet on my job applications..hmmm..I just pray I choose the right one when the opportunity is in my face. For now, I refuse to stress over them. :)


A long post, some new layouts and a new kit freebie!

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've been so busy, last week I scrapped and finished a guest book photo album for my nephews birthday, finished another birthday album I promised my best friend ages ago (I know, I know, my bad!), in between that, created an add-on kit for Dood-elle's (Rachness Designs) kit that will be revealed soon, soon (!!! Im super excited!!!), went to two (2) job interviews (crossing my fingers on that one), and followed wonderful photoshop tuts to improve my skills...phew! Oh, I forgot to mention, making a mock website design for my uncle, finishing another birthday album for my niece and just tonight made the wedding invite envelope design for my cousin's wedding. Got my plates oh so full and brimming over.

I wish I had more time on my hands and that I did not need too much sleep so I could scrap and design more. Some people just go by without any sleep and they're still okay the next day, not me, oh no no no. If I sleep very late tonight, you can be assured I will need to sleep early the next day.

I've got some exciting news, this post comes with a new kit freebie! Yup, you heard right. I've been practicing and trying out new stuff, making a great, great effort to learn how to create and make kits. It truly helps to have some CU tools at hand, but you still have to manipulate and add this and that to make it look the way you want it (which does take time) - So I salute all of you out there who give away all those gorgeous freebies, I know it takes up so much time and effort to create the stuff you do. Thank you to the Scrapping Cop, Gunhild Storeide who make the CU stuff readily available for free, especially for beginner designers :) I also purchased CU items from Studio RA, Royanna has got a lot of CU tools. I'd love to start building my CU arsenal so I can create more stuff, although I equally love to purchase from so many very talented designers whose kits are so cute they are hard to resist! You'll see what I mean when I post some of the layouts I've created.

Before I give you my new kit, i'd like to show you a cute kit from Rachness Designs, "Splash!" this is part of her One Messy Summer series which she just put up for sale in 2 stores. The kit is so much fun, I could not resist buying it!

So cute huh? Go go ahead and head on over to her blog to get it, she's got lots of freebies and more coming!

Here some new 12x24 layouts created from fab kits! They are from the guest/photo album I created for my nephew, there are a lot of blank tags so that the party guests can write out messages of love for the child.

Kit used: Medieval by Studio Alana @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Kit used: Funky Town by Studio Miss Vivi @ Scrapbookgraphics.com; some elements Inner Circle from Studio Berna @ scrapbokgraphics.com

Kit used: Flying Dreams by Studio Lorie @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Kit used: Tea Party by Studio Alana @ Scrapbookgraphics.com; template by Simply Yin

Kit used: Ticket to Dragons End by Studio Lorie @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Kit used: Pretty Music by Maelia Designs from the Round 4 SYTYCD

Kit used: Romantic Fantasy by She Devil @ Sunflower Scrap

Kit used: Background Paper - Dream Solids, Brights by Christina Renee, Elements: Foto Frames by Cottage Arts; Crumpled Paper borders by Studio Birgit Kerr @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Kit used: Beyond the Sea by Damayanti Studio @ Sunflower Scrap

Kit used: The Boy is a Boy by Studio Lily Designs @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Kit used: Dreamland by Studio Alana @ Scrapbookgraphics.com

Scrapping is so much fun!!!! Don't you all agree?

Here's a preview again of my new kit "ECLECTIC WORLD" plus a sheet preview, this was born out of my experimenting with different things, that's why I call it eclectic because its sort of a hodge podge of different stuff I tried to do, hahaha, and you know what? It just grew and grew and sort of came together (don't you think?). This kit has a total of 12 sheets and over 40 elements and can be used for all occasions. It's actually a very fun kit.

BUT THATS NOT ALL! I have a matching set of ALPHAs to give away for free on my next post....so please do come back to get them, they're mighty cute, I must say :)

AND..if you send me your layouts to sassyindy@gmail.com (so I can post them here and because I really want to see what you talented people can create out of my kit), I will send you a link to receive the notebook paper alpha which I used as a base to create the colorful version.

Ooops...here are the links: (I broke them down into several folders in consideration of those who have really slow internet connections).



I'm In!!!!

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

...me and six others, the "Lucky Seven" hahaha! We get to be CT for RachNess Designs new kits to be out on sale very soon!

I'm not sure if i can reveal the kit yet since Rachelle has not revealed it on her blog, but all I can say is that it looks to be several really really cute kits that I can't wait to scrap with. I'll leave you first with the teaser until we are allowed to reveal the kits.

Do check her blog Doodelle out for announcements and upcoming freebies!


Hello, I'm back...

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

...bet you did not even think I'd been gone, LOL!!!! I haven't posted anything in the last month due to the fact that I was out of the country visiting my sister in L.A. My sister just had a baby and just as she was about to return to work got into a motor vehicle accident. She was headed to work when a lady rear-ended her on the 101. It was bumper to bumper traffic and the lady behind her stepped on the gas and caught my sis unaware causing my sister to hit her head on the steering wheel and then back (classic whiplash!). She has been in pain ever since and had to even stop breast feeding her child because of the inability to look down for extended periods of time. She still can function and do the same stuff but she is in pain everyday. She sent me an SOS and asked if I could take a break for 3 weeks and help her out so she could get some much needed rest and go do the rounds of her doctors visits, therapy and the whole hullaballoo.

So there I went, it definitely was not a vacation as others may think, but it really was to help out and be with her and my nephew - whom I adore!! (Gush, gush, gushing, he is the sweetest!). Evan my nephew slept in my bed every night, it makes me kind of miss having a baby, my kids are 10 and 13 now. But I realized during my stay there that we in the Philippines are so lucky to have our help and nannies around us. We sometimes take that for granted because we just assume it is a normal thing to have. Being in the U.S., taking care of a baby at night who wakes up every 2 hours, then having to do house work, go to work, do errands, attend to a hubby and all that stuff is really hard. I have so much more respect for mothers in countries where maids and nannies are not part of the norm, especially those who have several children. And I also have more respect for our maids and nannies over here. How we could run our households and hold jobs at the same time is largely due to having them to depend on. They are our households unsung heroes, and deserve as much respect as we would allot any other office worker. They help keep our households running smoothly and efficiently and I feel very lucky to be blessed with one very efficient household help.

So I guess, what I'm trying to say is, while there, I had totally no time whatsoever to do as much scrapping as I would or even take a peek into my blog to post something (LOL excuses!) How all you scrapping/blogging moms in the U.S. do it so consistently is beyond me, I take my hats off to you!! All I was able to do was create at Baptism Guest book for my nephew and of course my Baptism gift which will be printed in canvas to be hung on my sisters wall.

I did a Andy Warhol Pop Art type design and used background papers given as freebies from the SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Design) Contest over at DigiscrapAddicts. Papers used were from Round 3 of the SYTYCD Contest, designs submitted were supposed to be created around the theme of any chosen Beatles song - needless to say, I loved that round!!

Here is what I created:

I can't wait to see them printed on canvass. Do any of you know where I can get it done and it won't cost an arm and a leg? I'm asking for both U.S. and Philippine locations. Kinko's is way too much. Any local printers in the Philippines?

BTW, Rachelle of Rachness Designs (known as Doodelle) is having a CT call for this kit she is creating (based on the previews, it looks like a really cute and fun kit!)

I'm applying!!! Haha, best to try and try until I get it. So I'm crossing my fingers that I do get a chance. Wink, wink!

Have a happy day everyone! I've got loads of work to do and the kids have to be ready for their first day of school on June 9!

See you all soon! Mwah!

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