My Heart and Soul Soars...

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

......when I'm creating art just for the sake of creating, doing it without having to fear judgement, having no set deadlines and just letting go, letting my inner self shine through...such peace, such bliss.

There is just this sense of contentment, joy, of feeling so connected to yourself and a certain disconnect with the mundane realities of everyday life.  I am centered, I am totally zoned in and when I wake from that state I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle my work and everything happening around me.

I wish for you all such feelings of pure joy and passion and contentment.  Big bear hugs from my soul to yours!

A little gift from me to you, a little doodle I made some time ago while on a meeting.  This was doodled on the Kraft paper placemat of the cafe we were at, I scanned it and reworked it in Photoshop, feel free to use for your altered art, journals or digital craft, personal use only please.  And do post a link to the image if you do use it :)

You may right click and save as, or download from here:  Indy08_doodle


Love the idea but not sure where to go for supplies..

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have been toying with the idea of creating customized greeting cards, thank you cards etc... to sell - mostly hand-drawn/doodles and putting them up in Etsy.  I'm not sure though where I can source the paper and the envelopes, does anyone have any idea where I can get this cheap? Like I don't want to be charging people an arm and a leg for the cards.  But I'd like to sell quality paper and oh, I love texture, so if you know where to get beautiful textured paper please let me know.  If anyone has any suggestions, please do send me some links, I would appreciate it very much ;) They will be printed on my Epson Photo Stylus R1800. 

Here are some sample stuff, do you think anyone would buy them from me?

This is the raw version, drawn on textured Avery half-folded card paper, the problem though is that I used markers (Touch, Kurecolor) similar to Copic and they bled through the back.

This is the digitized version, scanned my drawing and extracted in photoshop.  I want to print this on nice heavyweight textured paper.

Another one of my doodles, this is on my blog header ;) Just wanted to experiment, hehe. 

So what do you think?


Some Wedding Pages

>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sharing some pages I created for a wedding album - this is quite doodle intensive which the couple requested I do.  My favorite is the cover page, drew the "Jeepney",  scanned and then colored in Photoshop.  Most doodles we drawn on my sketch notebook in ink and then scanned and extracted in Photoshop.  Had so much fun doing this album :)

(Just click on the pics to view on a larger scale)

Hope you like them!


Art Journal Page #5

Ho boy, it is now 4 a.m. and I have not had some sleep yet...the kids and I had our first Illustration Friday after dinner (well actually they did, I continued working on the journal page I started during last post and just finished).

Finally convinced my youngest son Teo (11) to join our Illustration Friday.  He is very reticent about drawing and has convinced himself that he does not know how to draw and therefore refuses to even try.  I am glad I have been able to get him to sit with us and give it a shot.  I told him that there was no ugly drawing and that we were here doing this just to have some fun and bonding time together.  I think I have managed to get him to feel better about it because he ended up drawing 3 things!  Will post that tomorrow when Enzo is done inking his illustration.

I documented what I did for my art journal page #5 by taking photographs just in case anyone would be interested in my process.  This is what it looked like last time I posted:

I wasn't sure I wanted to add any more collage to it so I started doodling on the body of the horse.  I don't have any set doodle style in mind when I start out but I like to cut up or tear up any images from magazines that catch my interest, patterns on fabric, or save photos of artwork or anything that inspires me.  When something particulary jumps out at me, I then start to create my own interpretation of it.  For the body of the horse, I saw some nice fabric pattern and decided I wanted his body to look like I cut up the pattern into the shape of the horse.  Used my Rotring 4.0 pen with white ink to make the pattern drawings.  The Rotring pens are a little tricky to use with the watercolor painted background but they still work, not as white a line though as I would have wanted.

Started creating these mandala like flowers...hmmm...decided not to fill the body with it.  Since I had cut out a photograph of the fish and stuck it in the middle, I decided to add some radiating circles like in a fishpond, I think it adds a bit of interest and variation on the doodling.  I wasn't sure I wanted to put an eye on the horse and so put a star there...had nothing really in mind just did random doodles and ended up with that effect like the horse had blinders on him.  Then I saw another pattern I liked and sketched it in behind the horse.  Yet another pattern emerged and I penciled this one in before inking it with black and outlining it with my gold gel pen.  Layering the patterns under or on top of each other.  Sketching, painting, coloring with colored pencils, just adding, adding until I feel satisfied. 

This had been a very rough week for our family and so I wanted to journal about it - this particular quote by Oprah jumped out at me:  "Everyone gets through tough times because somebody is there standing in the gap to close it for us." 

My final page:

Have you ever thought of who was standing there in the gap during your tough time? It may be something worth thinking about.


Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success | Video on

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just wanted to share:
Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success | Video on


This is something I'm working on right now for my art journal - I actually love the contrast of colors and the way it looks at the moment but I'm far from done with it yet, it will probably change in the next couple of days. Ideas keep popping into my head that I haven't concretized just yet and I'd like to experiment with a few more things.

I love my Fish bowl (it holds various things on any given day...candy, spare change, it is a container for water while I'm "watercoloring" my art journal page.  To the right is my art/vision board, can you see that I love color? I think my board is too small now for me, I might just start sticking stuff to the walls, LOL!

I've also prepared another page for my weekly based journal calendar page (no picture yet!), I think I'd like to continue with that style and insert it along with my single page art journal pages.  There are a lot of things I would like to experiment with and I'm feeling quite adventurous.  Gone are the inhibitions of the past and fear of whether or not the work I'll do is good enough or that my art will be open to criticism.  I simply create for myself and the process of creating and journaling is so cathartic, healing, fulfilling - it is just a bonus when someone else appreciates your work.  There is simply no sense being afraid to create just because there are countless others better than you.  Appreciate, learn from them, practice, nourish your spirit and pass on what you learn.  It is the journey that counts and how we touch the lives of others while on that journey. 


Enzo the Ink Dabber :)

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm very proud that my son Enzo loves to draw.  I believe he can draw even better than I do, way, way better.  I hope to be able to nourish this ability he has because I see that this is his passion.  I was so inspired by what Gennine did (she was our inspiration for Itinerary #2 of the Art Journal Caravan), she created an illustration blog to showcase her children's work, check it out here. Boy, these children are as gifted as their momma! How wonderful to be able to live that kind of creative life.  Kudos to Gennine, she makes it all look so effortless.  Go visit her site and look at her pretty birdies and lovely art.  Ah, my heart and soul are really meant to be on this journey....

Taking my cue from her site, I created a blogsite just for me to be able to post my son's drawings...and just so he knows - I truly believe in his talent.  Its called The Ink Dabber (he loves drawing with ink at the moment and maybe just maybe he will grow into the site and learn to handle it himself when he is a little older.)  I haven't put anything in it yet but I'll be posting a link on my sidebar once I've done so.

This is what he's into at the moment, he came to me yesterday saying "Mom, I have a drawing for you and I'm sure you will like it." By golly, for sure I do! 


An image I drew for a wedding album I just finished creating, the art was inspired from an image I saw, gosh I went through all my bookmarks looking for the specific site and artist but it escapes me now - she draws doodles on shadows and I love, love, love the effect.  So created my own shadow looking girl - more like those main street silhouettes and doodled on her skirt and bodice to look like a wedding gown, with silver glitter gel pen.  This composition though is not how I used it for the album because I made it my own here with the journaling.

Journaling: I feel the little changes going click click click inside of me...they are even louder than they used to be.  It always feels this way when I am more in touch with my artistic soul.  Like so many windows are opening up inside me allowing my spirit to fly freely in and out.


Art Journal Pages #3 & #4

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

I haven't got much time to post but I'd like to share with you my two new art journal pages.

P.S. Just found out that my layout was featured in Gallery Standouts! Whoohooo! What an honor! Thank you Sandra :)


Happy 2010 to All!

>> Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010, so glad to meet you!

I joined the Art Journal Caravan hosted by Tangie Baxter over at - finally had the guts to try creating my own art journals using collage and mixed media. I love it! This art has always appealed to me and I am having a really grand time creating. I wish I could spend each and everyday creating stuff like these and learning new techniques and approaches to this art.

We were asked to think of one word to focus on for the whole year - I chose "LIVE". It seems to me that to have all that I wished for, I needed to stop telling myself I can't do it because of this and that reason and to just live! Live the without fear, live masterfully, live without regret....and embrace life to the fullest.

I decided that since I have been wanting to learn how to do collage and mixed media art, I would create my pages on paper. Here are my first two journal entries:

You can find them at the gallery too ;)

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