>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is something I'm working on right now for my art journal - I actually love the contrast of colors and the way it looks at the moment but I'm far from done with it yet, it will probably change in the next couple of days. Ideas keep popping into my head that I haven't concretized just yet and I'd like to experiment with a few more things.

I love my Fish bowl (it holds various things on any given day...candy, spare change, scraps..today it is a container for water while I'm "watercoloring" my art journal page.  To the right is my art/vision board, can you see that I love color? I think my board is too small now for me, I might just start sticking stuff to the walls, LOL!

I've also prepared another page for my weekly based journal calendar page (no picture yet!), I think I'd like to continue with that style and insert it along with my single page art journal pages.  There are a lot of things I would like to experiment with and I'm feeling quite adventurous.  Gone are the inhibitions of the past and fear of whether or not the work I'll do is good enough or that my art will be open to criticism.  I simply create for myself and the process of creating and journaling is so cathartic, healing, fulfilling - it is just a bonus when someone else appreciates your work.  There is simply no sense being afraid to create just because there are countless others better than you.  Appreciate, learn from them, practice, nourish your spirit and pass on what you learn.  It is the journey that counts and how we touch the lives of others while on that journey. 


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