>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An image I drew for a wedding album I just finished creating, the art was inspired from an image I saw, gosh I went through all my bookmarks looking for the specific site and artist but it escapes me now - she draws doodles on shadows and I love, love, love the effect.  So created my own shadow looking girl - more like those main street silhouettes and doodled on her skirt and bodice to look like a wedding gown, with silver glitter gel pen.  This composition though is not how I used it for the album because I made it my own here with the journaling.

Journaling: I feel the little changes going click click click inside of me...they are even louder than they used to be.  It always feels this way when I am more in touch with my artistic soul.  Like so many windows are opening up inside me allowing my spirit to fly freely in and out.


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