Trying Something New

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

I keep thinking of the Art Journal Caravan prompt to do something new and one thing I have been dying to do is create my own stamps to use in my journals.  The problem though is I don't know where to get the supplies in my country, I emailed an art store here to find out if they have it, or its equivalent and I am waiting for their response.  I hope its not too expensive since I have such a spare budget at the moment.  The great thing though about not having the budget is that I have become so resourceful.  I am kind of impatient with respect to my wanting to do art and when I come across some tutorial - I want to try it right away!  The problem is, I don't have the materials recommended.  So I end up trying to find some alternatives and start scrounging around my home for whatever materials I can come up with.

I love the look of those decorated papers, you know, those ones with the Indian inspired stamps and prints on them, they're so yummy to look at.  Sort of boho inspired looking.  And everyone knows, I am such a Bohemian girl at heart.

So today, I was experimenting with some watercolor washes on my junk journal and I wanted some sort of stamp looking decor on it.  The closest I could come to having that look without the stamps is to do some stencils.  Again, I did not have the right materials but who was to stop me from using anything I can get my hands into.  I'm just experimenting anyway and I really love the process of discovery :)  So I just drew some shapes onto thick paper and cut them out with an Xacto knife.  Ha, ha, ha, talk about crude!  I read in the tutorial that I needed to sand the edges so I'd get a smooth shape but then again, sorry I did not have any sandpaper (mental note to self: get some sandpaper).  Anyway, I wanted the shape to be imperfect.

So, what do I use to color in my new stencil? I remembered I had a can of very light colored spray paint that I had bought by mistake thinking it was a fixative or clear lacquer.  Hah! Was I wrong, I sprayed one of my drawings on my nice side table without any newspaper under it (dumb!) and got the shock of my life to find that it wasn't clear lacquer at all but some opaque paint.  Ruined my drawing and ruined my beautiful table.  But I digress.  I thought to myself that I might as well put that can to use.  Learning my lesson, I took the can outside with a sheet of newspaper and started to spray paint the stencil.  Oooohh, I love the effect! I was so excited!

Next, I cut out another stencil shape and this time tried to use watercolor, BIG, BIG mistake - the water color just made a mess on my wonderful new paper! Oh No! Okay, don't panic Indy, lets see....well lets try some acrylics then.  Voila! it worked! Dabbed some acrylic paint over the stencil, ooohh, I love it more!

Finished it up with some more colors and took my hairdryer out for it to dry.  Now I love the paper and it looks all so pretty that I don't want to write on it, hahaha! So I scanned it in case I wanted to use it digitally or print it out.

Now I have a background freebie for you! You may right click on the photo to save the image and use it as a background digitally or print it to do as you please on your journal pages (personal use only):

I'd love to put some gold leaf looking paint in there and maybe some asian imagery...hmmm...something to think about... another page for me to continue working on next week.  

Have a great day my friends!


Art Journal #7

>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

A quick post since I'm stepping out to watch my son in his schools annual production, this is my art journal page for the Art Journal Caravan Itinerary #6 - Blissful living.


I Love Art Journaling

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

I love, love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Art Journaling! At night I go to bed dreaming of it, I awake and I'm still thinking of it and I wish I could spend the rest of the day creating in my journal.


I have to set aside time to work and right now, it is so so so hard to get into the work mode, big big sigh! I promise, after posting this to go start working again.  I'm doing the layouts for a school yearbook and need to finish before the week ends.  I hate scanning and I have loads of stuff to scan - I really don't know why I hate scanning, its such a chore for me to do.  Maybe its because I use a laptop and scanning involves me going to my desk and connecting all these wires and just repetitiously inserting page after page and clicking away cropping the pages.  It's like clerical work which I really loathe to do but I need to do.

Okay, I'm shutting down my wifi connection because the temptation is too big to go over and watch those wonderful video tutorials on art journaling I just discovered.

I'll be posting my new art journal page tomorrow. So, till then, I wish you a lovely day!

Yes, I love art journaling! Hahaha, I can't say that enough today.


A Really Lovely Wedding

>> Thursday, February 25, 2010

My cousin got married last October 2009 and I had the privilege of creating their wedding invites as well as their wedding albums (2 volumes in all!).  It was such a lovely wedding.  So intimate, at a small chapel in Caleruega, Tagaytay and the reception at this place called Hacienda Isabella.  The reception venue was really beautiful and very vintage-y (my kind of place), with lots of nooks and crannies and little oddities here and there, lots of wood and nature. The couple also had all these cool antique stuff which they used as table decor in lieu of the usual flowers.  And of course, the couple looked fabulous and so in love!

Here is the invite I created, they wanted it to be an envelope you could open up and inside in a handwriting font, were the wedding details.  Then they wanted postcard inserts for directions to the wedding church and reception venue.  All done in Photoshop.  The couple gave me lots and lots of pics that were important and had meaning to them.  I created a sort of collage, layering the photos on top of another in various blending modes.  Sort of like those pictures where you have to look at it at a different angle to see another picture.  I think the couple had fun trying to look for the pics they gave me :)

This is the outer part of the Envelope, 
the flaps are supposed to fold inward:

  The post card insert:
 (Credits: Lara's DigiWorld for the antique luggage and The Boy is a Boy by Lily Designs for the Antique automobile, the chair and sun from a kit I'm trying to find, LOL! Sorry will have to post that as soon as I find it.  Font, Pea Jenny Script)

Their albums have been done some time ago but I haven't posted them until now because my cousin and her husband just received them as a valentine's gift :)

Here are some pages from it (just click on pics to view on a larger scale):
The awesome photography is by Pat Dy.  Doodles by me ;)


New Girlie

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another experiment in my junque journal using goache and color pencils.  She's not yet finished, I'm still thinking of what to do with the background but I'm so excited to continue working on her tonight.  I've found a new love for girlies and their messages of hope.  


Art Journal Pages #5 & #6

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

These pages have been long due...they were done inside an old 2008 planner.  Pages were glued together to make then sturdier, some collage and then painted the backgrounds. 

Look what my table looks like while doing them (LOL!)

A closer look:
This is to remind myself that, yes, I am okay. The words I highlighted are Miracles, forgiveness, free and peace. For miracles to happen in our life - we need to let go and to forgive..then we are free, and with that freedom comes peace.
Materials Used:
Tangie Vintage Lullabye Stamped Diecut (Chandelier), Tangie Steamer Trunk Collage Sheets, Fidlette's Collage Backgrounds, Goache Watercolors, Acrylics, Colored Pencils, Soft Pastels, Rotring Pen with white ink, MyGel Bronze pen.


Journaling: Hope is the thing with feathers - that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all. --Emily Dickenson

Inside the pocket, I put in slips of paper with quotes that inspire me to keep hoping and believing in myself:

-Reach High, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.

-Butterfly? It's what you were meant to become. It flies with beautiful wings and joins the earth to heaven. It drinks only nectar from the flowers and carries the seeds of love from one flower to another--- from one of my favorite books Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus

Materials Used:
Acrylics, Watercolor, pages from an old thesaurus, while paint pen, colored pencils, stabilo fine point colored pen.


Blushing Dolls

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm taking a short break to introduce to you Rachness' new kit, "Blushing Dolls" which is 30% off at her store at MScraps today!

Isn't is so pretty? I am always amazed by her creativity.  I just love the feel of her whimsical doodles, she does it so effortlessly.  Those dolly's are just so cute and her papers, WOW! I love the texture, so rich, like you can actually feel the grain.  

Here is my layout, I put myself in it, hehe, I make myself blush, LOL!:
Rachelle has so generously allowed me to turn this into a QP Freebie for you. :)

Before I give out your QP, I'd like to show you some of the new stuff she has out for you today at her store at MScraps:

This Doodly Alpha is so cute! You can recolor this to your hearts content.

Here are more of her So Simple Photo Masks & Borders, can I say they get better and better! Can't wait to use them on my photos ;)

Download QP Freebie Here:

 (so sorry for those that dropped by and got the wrong link, I have corrected the link and you may download now the correct file, thank you Pom for alerting me!)
A little word of thanks would be nice once you download here.  And please don't forget to drop by Rachelle's blog to thank her too for allowing me to give this to you.

I just saw Pom's blog "Pom's Breathing Room" and she has got another wonderful layout that she is giving away as a freebie using the Blushing Dolls kit.  Head on over there after you download this and give that very talented artist your biggest hug of thanks!


Some Wedding Pages

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's been a really crazy week for me busy finishing all my projects... and still busy with a new project my good friend asked my help with for her husband's 50th birthday which has to be out for print on Saturday, (I only got the files today) eek! Sleepless nights here we go again.  To top things off, I have been plagued by really bad migraines and neck pain (which I believe has to do with my work chair not being the most ergonomic one).  Because of the migraine meds, my acid reflux is back full force (I was diagnosed with hiatal hernia way back) and I've been having really bad stomach spasms for four days now.  Arrgh! That means no coffee and spicy food for me for the meantime.  That is such a bummer.  No coffee? Whaaaat? How could I start my day without coffee?  But then I am in such pain now, so I have to be on my coffee diet.  Sigh.

I was up late the other day because I worked on my final touch for this wedding album I finished creating.   I have a love affair with birds right now ever since I saw Gennine's blog and have started to draw my own using pictures of birds found in the Philippines.

I was also so inspired by the  featured artist Cori Dantini, in the Art Journal Caravan that this wedding album has a different feel to it and involved a lot of birds and drawings of girls.  Here are some pages I'd like to share (just click on the pic to view it on a larger scale):

Credit: Green Leaf branches from Cinzia Loosemore's Retro Fall Elements.  The rest of the doodles were drawn by me.


So Simple

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guess what I found in my inbox?


Aren't they so sweet? It really is "so simple" and yet it can add just that touch of whimsy, that little odd detail, turn an otherwise normal photo into something different.  I just love the hand-drawn effect! I immediately had to play with it ;)



And here is that photo above with the So Simple Photo Mask & Border scrapped together with Rachelle's new kit 2 Hug is 2 Love, her Curly Doos and Brushed Pack (can I just say again that I love all her products!).  The color palette for 2H2L is amazing, can you see that I used all of her papers in this layout? I love those chalked scattered flowers and her elements are all so usable.  I can create so many layouts with this kit.  Whats so great is that her Curly Doos go so well with the kit, love that watercolor effect.  And the Brushed Pack has got so many uses, I used mine as a clipping mask in this layout.

All Rachness products are available exclusively at the newly opened MScraps (Memory Scraps) Store.
(Product names are linked directly to the store).

Thank you for the sweet surprise Rachelle ;)


Rachness in a New Store! plus QP freebie!

>> Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So sorry for the late post, if you have been coming over here from Doodelle's blog and not found anything, have not been feeling well and decided to make an early night of it last night.  But I'm here now, feeling just a wee bit better, can't let you all wait too long, hee hee.

I can't wait to tell and show you! Guess who is designer at a spanking new store? My very dear friend Rachelle Nessia of Rachness Designs has found a new home at Memory Scraps (MScraps) and I have been privileged to have been able to use her new designs before they were put up for sale at the store.

Look at what she has in store for you:

Aren't they so cute??? Wheee! I loved playing with them and I'm sure you will too! Grab them soon while they are on sale okay?  Clicking on the kit name above will take you directly to her store.

I have a layout with my son Enzo which I made with the 2 Hug is 2 Love Kit and the Curly Doos and would love to show it to you.  I also created a QP freebie out of that layout which you may download below.

Journaling: Times like these are too precious.  I want to keep you from growing too fast but growing up is inevitable and I cannot stop time.  Just always remember that my love for you knows no measure and I just want to keep you in my arms and always safe from all harm.

Here is the free QP:

Please don't forget to head on over to Rachelle's blog - Doodelle to give her a big hug and thanks for allowing me to share this QP with you.  

You can head on over to Pom's blog: "Pom's Breathing Room" also for another sweet QP.   Don't forget to also give her your hug and thanks!  Oh, let me mention, I am so thankful and relieved to know that Pom is alright after her scare with the big C.  I'm so glad you are alright Pom, wish I could give you a real hug from here ;) Go on over to her blog to read all about it and check out her layouts, she's such a marvelous layout artist! 

Have a blessed day ahead!

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