Supreme Team VII Round 2 Entry

>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've submitted my entry for Round 2 of GoDigitalScrapbooking's Supreme Team VII Contest and I made it to Round 3!!! YipeeYayYay!! For the 2nd round, we were given an adorable, sweet kit by Majula Designs called "Waiting for You"

Isn't it the cutest? Can you imagine all the lovely layouts you can make with this kit? I simply uttered squeals of joy when I saw this kit. So dainty and soft. So many ways to interpret this kit, go ahead and check the wonderful layouts that had been submitted at GoDigitalScrapbooking, while your there, you may want to go purchase this kit too - I highly recommend you do :)

Again, rules were to only use the items given in the kit, no brushes, actions, styles, shapes that generally required outside crediting, we may only use tools which were included as a default in the type of software being used use.

For my entry, I decided to create a hot air balloon using the basic ellipse, rectangular and line tools and embellish it with items given from the kit. This was fun to do because I really had not tried doing anything like this before, I just had my basic knowledge of shapes - so I decided to experiment with the transform tool and pulled the shapes this and that way until I found something that works!

Have a lookie at my entry:

I scrapped about my sister and her son Evan, writing the journaling myself - I was in the U.S. when she was trying desperately to conceive and was also there when she found out she was pregnant...I just wish I had ben there when she finally gave birth. Nevertheless, I tried to capture everything she felt and I believe I got it right because she cried when I gave her the scrapped page. I hope I can visit her again this year, with my kids this time - it would be fantastic for the kids to be able to finally get to visit Disneyland and all those parks they've been dreaming of going to, LOL!

Before you go, here is the balloon template I created for my layout, hope you find use for it. Maybe you can share with me what you've created with it? I'd love to see how you decorated your balloon.

Click HERE to get it.

Don't forget to leave some love...I'm off to scrap my round 3 entry...wish me luck!


Quiet on the Homefront

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

Everything has been quiet on the many things have happened since my break-up story but to make the long story short...we have decided to work out our troubles, suffice it to say, its a journey back to the root of it all but it feels like a good journey back.

I have feverishly been scrapping, literally and figuratively..I'm down with the flu at the moment but I just have to pop in to let you guys know I have decided to apply for CT at GoDigitalScrapbooking, they have a 4 month stint as a Supreme Team Member VII and though I have never tried out for this sort of thing, decided to go give it a try.

I made it through Round 1, yay!!! This was so much fun!

The kit given to us to scrap with was made by Dani Alencar called Your Day, such a beautiful, fun kit you will enjoy scrapping birthdays with, its so versatile you can use it also to scrap other themes, check it out below.

Here is the layout I submitted:

Go ahead an check out the other entries, everyone did a beautiful job and its so amazing that not one layout was the same! Click here to check out the gallery (sign up may be required, worth it though!)

Now on to round 2, wish me luck!!!

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