Huh? I tagged my blog?? What???

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

Ok, I'm quite perplexed, I open my blog today to show my cousin and I can't find the navbar on top of my site - the one that looks like this:

What I get is this message: "You tagged this blog as having objectionable content". Here is what it looks like - my nav bar is missing.

What???? Why will I tag my blog as having inappropriate content? Can anyone tell me if you have had this problem before and what you have done to fix it? I can't seem to find any inappropriate content (please tell me I am not wrong).

Can anyone help me? This just happened today since I just posted yesterday. Is posting about my experiences and showing photos and links about the Typhoon that just happened in my country and trying to solicit some help for my countrymen inappropriate? There are hundreds and thousands of people whose medium is to use their blogs and social networking sites to show support and encourage others to make small donations to cause. I do not seek to represent any agency but am only passing on information and links to sites where interested parties may go and show support. One of those places is my own blog where I have made a pledge to help in whatever way I can - and my most powerful tool is my blog.

I have posted at the Blogger forum and am awaiting their response. If anyone has any idea what to do, your suggestions and comments would be appreciated.

Indy :)


The Day the Rains Fell

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

I awoke early yesterday morning to pouring rain thinking it was just an ordinary rainy day here in Manila. I knew there was another typhoon but since we are hit by typhoons so often, did not think too much about it except a vague awareness that the rain did not seem to stop falling. DH was away on an out of town trip and so I made sure that the kids and I had some bonding time with a long awaited DVD marathon. :) Little did I know that all around the metro, the water levels were rising - at quite astonishing levels! Thankfully the power was up and I was able to keep in touch with the outside world and able find out what was happening outside. And OMG, what a disaster has been going on all around me. For the first time since 1967, my country has been hit by the worst flood since recent history. A whole month's worth of rainfall in just a span of 6 hours!!! A state of calamity has been declared in 26 provinces in Luzon, including Metro Manila. So much destruction, homes and lives lost. So many people still stuck and stranded on top of the roofs of their homes, on the 2nd floor of their homes, with no food, water and light.

Although Typhoon Ondoy has moved out, as I type this, the rains have begun to pour again and I fear for those people who have not yet been rescued. More rains mean that the water levels may not go down and only will rise again. For a country that is hit by typhoons year in and out, we are so ill-prepared for a calamity this widespread. People have been clamoring for help and to be rescued and in one badly hit area, only 2 rubber rafts were deployed - it is not enough.



Only the photos and videos will help you understand how bad it is.

There is more, a quick google search of Typhoon Ondoy will bring you to countless pages about this. I appeal to all of you to help out. Donations can be made directly to the RED CROSS or through clicking on the paypal donate button, which will go to help all those who need help.

As of this time, my cousin is still stuck on the 2nd floor of a home with 4 other adults and one child. I have been exhausting all my contacts and calling, texting, emailing all possible numbers to let them know where they are so a rubber boat can be sent to them to rescue them. They have no food and water since yesterday. I do not think I will be able to get any sleep until they are safe. I pray they will be rescued soon.

Thank you to those who have helped me disseminate my SOS call for my cousin. Truly appreciate your help and concern.

Right now, I can't think of anything else to preoccupied with worry about my cousin. But there is nothing more I can do but monitor my messages and wait. I may as well sort through my things and gather items to donate as so many people have lost EVERYTHING.



>> Friday, September 25, 2009

I just want to take the time to post about something that is dear to me - our ENVIRONMENT, and how CLIMATE change can and will wreak havoc to it UNLESS we do something to EFFECT that CHANGE. I came across the site as suggested to me by a client for some studies I may be making on a 10-page PDF booklet related to the green movement.

This is a platform for action to keep our Co2 levels at 350PPM (would you believe it is currently at 390PPM!) I feel so passionate about this, we only have one planet to live in don't we? And coming from one of the Asia Pacific Islands - the Philippines, which is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands, this increase in Co2 levels poses quite a threat to where I live in - we could literally be wiped off the Earth if drastic measures are not done to decrease these levels.

There are too many telltale signs already - the weird weather, the melting glaciers, pandemics...I think you all will agree, this is no laughing matter. To not do anything about it at this point is just plain STUPID. Sorry, but its the plain truth. We have so much at stake going on here - our children, the next generation will suffer even worse. We cannot and must not allow this to happen.

So please, if you do care about this Planet we live in, take the time to read, watch, download, email or embed and share this video, poster, slide show to everyone you know and take ACTION!


To further show my support - I have started to create a kit (mojo or no mojo, this is something I feel a need to do)- called "350" (of course!) Use this kit to scrap your environmental slogans, your participation in any of the 350 events, or anything and everything about the green movement, school projects, causes.... The kit will be available at Bouquet of Pixels for only $2.00. The proceeds from the sale of this kit will be donated to It's my little way of contributing and showing my support, I hope you will show your support too by purchasing the kit as soon as its out.

Have a great day and please, respect and love our Earth!

September 27, 2009 (Sunday)
P.S. I created this post 2 days ago and was supposed to post it with the kit but I believe I need to post this now, circumstances and events in my home country the Philippines yesterday make this seem even more important. We have experienced one of the worst floods in recent history because of typhoon Ketsana, locally known as "Ondoy". The media has labeled this an epic flood since 1967. A whole month’s worth of rainfall in the span of 6 hours. Wide devastation, homes underwater, and still a lot of people stuck on the roofs of their homes waiting for rescue. This is so sad, we need all the help we can give. I am thankful my family are all safely home except for a cousin who is still stuck on the 2nd floor in one of the homes in Pasig that is under 11 feet of water. I pray it doesn't continue to rain so the water will subside. I shall repost some photos in a next entry. Please help us pray. This is really a call for each and everyone to be vigilant and to start effecting that change - our planet is in trouble and we need to join hands and work together to make this change happen.



>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I woke up one day and my MOJO was gone....who stole my MOJO? I have go to get it back, SOON!

It seems like I've been away for ages although my last post was just a little more than a month ago. If your trying to build a scrap design career and a following, being away for that long IS considered ages. Although I would want to call this my life, real life does get in the way and is imminently more important when children and family are concerned. When the quest to make ends meet, the daily rigors of running a household, impending projects, and trying to keep a child from flunking his subjects in school mix in with trying to design - I suddenly feel I am being fed a gorgeous mixed salad with the wrong type of dressing. No matter how hard I try to enjoy and eat it, it suddenly has lost its palatability. It still looks gorgeous and enticing and I always want to try it hoping it will start to taste better but no matter how hard I try, I can't get myself to finish it. That in a nutshell is how I've been feeling about designing. I have reached an impasse and no matter how hard I try (and I've got lots of great ideas floating around) all I can do is sit and stare at that blank sheet and nothing seems to come up right to my standards.

I hope I get over this soon and my so called MOJO is returned to me.

I have still to finish that kit I'm making, oh how I wish some fairy would sprinkle some pixie dust on me and I can be super woman and do all these with lots of time to spare. Sigh! No such luck huh? Oh, and guess what, my new 300 gb external hard drive stopped working again on me, all my new files can not be accessed - and all the files I bought from the sale of Royanna and Wetfish Designs (literally days of download!) GONE! What a disaster! I try not to think of it because I want to cry just losing all those files. Does anyone know how I can recover them? I know of one place here that does it but I just can't afford their fees. So if anyone knows or has any suggestions of an affordable hard disc recovery company, then I will love you forever!!! LOL! Seriously, I do need to recover those files, even some of my design work is in there, boo hoo!

Until next post, I just had to drop by to let you know where I'm at and what's happening.

Now on to my quest to recover that MOJO!


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