Huh? I tagged my blog?? What???

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

Ok, I'm quite perplexed, I open my blog today to show my cousin and I can't find the navbar on top of my site - the one that looks like this:

What I get is this message: "You tagged this blog as having objectionable content". Here is what it looks like - my nav bar is missing.

What???? Why will I tag my blog as having inappropriate content? Can anyone tell me if you have had this problem before and what you have done to fix it? I can't seem to find any inappropriate content (please tell me I am not wrong).

Can anyone help me? This just happened today since I just posted yesterday. Is posting about my experiences and showing photos and links about the Typhoon that just happened in my country and trying to solicit some help for my countrymen inappropriate? There are hundreds and thousands of people whose medium is to use their blogs and social networking sites to show support and encourage others to make small donations to cause. I do not seek to represent any agency but am only passing on information and links to sites where interested parties may go and show support. One of those places is my own blog where I have made a pledge to help in whatever way I can - and my most powerful tool is my blog.

I have posted at the Blogger forum and am awaiting their response. If anyone has any idea what to do, your suggestions and comments would be appreciated.

Indy :)


psychozoe September 29, 2009 at 12:19 AM  

Hello Indy! I don't know why that happened... I think maybe you accidentally clicked something, or just simply was a mistake or glitch from blogger. I hope they can help you fix it soon. There is nothing in your blog that would warrant this. Is your cousin ok now?

Pom October 1, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

Hi Indy,

I first chuckle when I saw that you missed your nav bar, and then I read on and found out that it's no laughing matter. I'm so sorry for what happened in your country. I hardly had time to watch the news or read newspapers these days so I really had no idea. How is your cousin now?

It's also raining here in Bangkok, has been since early last night actually although with no fury it has shown in the Philippines and Viet Nam.

I'm crossing my fingers for you and all your loved ones. May god protect you all.

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