A Tale of Two Turtles

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

My kids brought home two Asian Box Turtles with them last summer after a short vacation in Roxas City.  It was given to them by one of their uncles.

Now that classes are underway, I have taken it my task to care for them while the kids are in school, making sure they have their daily dunk in the water (since their skins get so dry and scaly if they are in land all the time) and feeding them. 

I have become attached to them, talking to them and petting them (they like being pet under their chin and on top of the head).  Yeah, I never realized but turtles are totally cute.  They're so cute, I doodled one. 

They were named Leo and Fido.  The kids swore they were both male turtles, their uncle said so.  Leo belongs to Teo and Fido belongs to Enzo.  They even have personalities to match their owners, hahaha. 

One day last week, Teo found a turtle egg in his room! It was quite funny because we thought all along that the turtles were both male.  Teo's turtle Leo was female!!!

"Mom, we now have to change Leo's name!"

Hello Leona!

And the turtle egg, is in a bed of leaves and soil...we started researching what to do...hopefully it survives.


Rebecca Anthony July 25, 2010 at 7:18 PM  

I love the details. A while back I did a series on turtles and they are so much fun to embellish with all those squares(O: Nice work!

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