Believe in Your Dreams...

>> Friday, November 12, 2010

and work for it!  Be very, very prepared to work for it.  I truly believe its about "putting it out there" and "BELIEVING" - having that Faith that you will truly get there....and then TAKING the steps to move towards that direction.

And yes, now I GET IT.  All this positivity movement...daily affirmation, visioning...  You may have a dream, you may have a vision, you may tell yourself every single day that you will have and be this and that...but its all moot if you don't take that one step to get you going in that direction.  Its all moot if you are kept back by FEAR.  Its all moot if you do not truly believe in yourself enough to get there.

I have always been a keen believer in the power of thought and the power of the spoken word.  I don't know if its my innate positive outlook in life but I find that when life does deal you with lemons, you have to learn to make the lemonade..and you better make that lemonade really well :)

And though I may not be the most outwardly religious person, I believe in the power of prayer.  Our dreams are God's dreams for us.  He has supplied us with the raw materials to make those dreams come to life.  He has surrounded us with the people to look up to for inspiration.  How easy to miss all these when we are distracted and looking elsewhere - at the quick, at the easy. 

What are your dreams? What is keeping you from taking that first step? In my previous post I asked, "What would it take to believe in yourself?" 

In my case, what kept me from taking the first step was fear, uncertainty, not wanting to be labeled ridiculous or mediocre.  It was always one reason or another to keep me from doing what was inherently in me. 

What did it take to believe in myself? Finding my art and having family and friends who believed in me, encouraged me, loved me enough to keep me going.  Seeking like-minded people who knew you because they had gone through what you had gone through too, they felt what you felt, took the same first tentative steps, experienced the joy and euphoria of your first creation, knew your satisfaction and happiness when others feel inspired by what you have created, understood the feverish high to keep creating and the crashing low of losing your muse (or mojo). They understood when you couldn't move because you felt too exhausted to think or do anything. These are the women who cared for their households, children and still had to work at their craft, market themselves, blog, maintain websites, tweet and connect to the wonderful community of artists all around the world. 

I took that step.  No one said it was an easy road...but I believe.


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