>> Thursday, November 8, 2007

I just wanted to share these two new layouts I made. The first one I call "INTO THE BLUE", I love how I was able to make the picture black and white and yet retain the vividness of the blue ocean in the background. Paired the picture with a blue background to give the ocean a feeling of some kind of continuity...I was not sure though if I should have put those vintage photo frames but I kind of like the overall look. Thanks to onOne Software's PhotoPresets for Photoshop Lightroom by Jack Davis I was able to experiment with his presets and achieve that look for my picture!

My next layout is called "PROTECT", this is one layout with the kids during our family trip to Puerto Princessa in Palawan. We went to see the St. Paul's Subterranean River National Park. This park is inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List, imagine that! I'm proud to have one of our parks in that list and glad to have seen and experienced it with my kids and family.

Here are some facts about the park:

The St Paul Mountain Range of limestone, and is a typical tropic karst area with sharp ridges, and rounded peaks called towers. It shows pinnacles, shafts, dolines and limestone cliffs. The principal feature of the park is an underground river, more than 8km long and known as the Subterranean River or St Paul Cave. The river flows underground for almost its entire length. Its spring is at an altitude of 100m asl, 2km southwest of Mount St. Paul. Soon it is swallowed by the cave and reappears at St. Paul's Bay, where it flows directly into the sea.

The fact that the underground river flows directly into the sea is rather special. It is called a submarine karst spring. The lower portion of the river is brackish and subject to tidal influences and thus a unique habitat. The biodiversity in the park is very high as it shows both, a full mountain to the sea ecosystem and a sweetwater to saltwater ecosystem, plus the troglobitic ecosystem of the underground river. Most submarine springs are only accessible by divers, this is one of the few such rivers which the general public can easily visit.

St Paul Cave is very impressive, with huge passages and enormous chambers. The biggest chamber is 120m wide and 60m high, the length is hard to define, as it is just a very wide section of the passage. St Paul Cave was known to local Batak people since ancient times. Estimated to be 16-20 million years old, the underground river traverses the network of caves and flows out to the sea.

I submitted this layout for the November Template Challenge at Digitalscrapbooking.org, Fluff Template by Teriann Hanks. Kit from Little Dreamer Designs, Stand Up Combo Kit.

I learned something new today about the cave we went to and was able to scrap about it for the kids to remember. Hope you love the layouts as much as I do.


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