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>> Saturday, June 28, 2008

The classroom is now shaping up (my guest room that is!), the bed has been removed and given away, and my two extra large computer desks have come in very handy.

How I would love to have lots and lots of bookshelves…a lot of my books are now in boxes, such a shame. My one complain about the home we live in is that there is not enough storage space, well it is either that or I just have a lot of stuff (and to think I already gave so many of my things away already). Well I’m clearing my closets once more this weekend to look for things to donate, sometimes we are so burdened by all the material items we want to accumulate that it takes a tragic story to realize how much we still have and that we don’t really need very much.

A very bad thing has happened to my moms home town, Iloilo, so many towns were ravaged by the most recent Typhoon and a lot of the cities went underground, so many people whose lives were lost and whose property is gone forever. It has saddened me so much. My best friend, who is from there told me a lot of our friends were also affected, losing everything in their homes and that there are so many people now begging in the streets because they have lost everything.

My best friend and I have decided to have a donation drive – old clothes, blankets, shoes, anything that would be of help, please email at relief4iloilo@yahoo.com if you have anything to donate and I will email back the drop off address for the items or a Paypal link if you are donating any cash. We are going to accumulate everything we get and send them off to Iloilo. I am also preparing a small scrapbook kit to put up on sale for their benefit, proceeds from the sale of the kit shall be donated to a charity in the province. Do keep coming back to my blog to see if the Kit is up. Any help will be welcome, our collective efforts will make those small donations into something that will help some other persons life. I shall also be posting updates on how the drive is coming along and where the donations have gone. I thank you in advance for sharing your blessings.

On the lighter side, the children are adjusting to homeschool, they are very adjustable kids and can go with the flow. I am very thankful that they aren’t big whiners or rotten spoiled brats. They are both very sweet and lovable. We are very big on hugs and kisses at home, that is something I hope my children never outgrow. There is nothing like a great big hug to let one know how much you appreciate and love them. I am so blessed to have them.


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