Typhoon Frank and its Aftermath, An Appeal to All

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

The relief drive has begun, I feel very grateful that the people whom we have approached have given so generously of what they have to give. Nothing is too little and every little bit we can spare is a blessing. I would like to make an appeal to my fellow Ilonggos who are based in Manila or elsewhere in the world to help our cause. This appeal is of course not only to the Ilonggo but to anyone who wants to help.

What started out as a relief drive planned by my best friend Viv and I, has now become bigger than ourselves. It started out with just plans to send out whatever we could give ourselves. Then evolved into asking friends and family. The enormous response is very heartwarming. From donations of used clothing and shoes to donations of sacks of rice and even cash.

Just this morning as I was riding home from the gym, the news on the radio told of the complaints of the people from the Island of Panay decrying the lack of support and relief being given. According to the news sources, the delay was because there was no means of transport to the affected areas. I feel that we have to do what we can to make that help be available to the people in the affected towns.

According to my bestfriends family in Iloilo, there is still no electricity, they have been calling Panay Electric and were told it would take at least a month to get the electricity up again. It will take years to rehabilitate the towns that have been destructed. The damage is extensive. Please check out this site for a Photo Story: The Rampage of Typhoon Frank. This photo story will unfold the day to day event covered by Iloilo photojournalist Leo Solinap from day one to its aftermath.

I have also attached some videos from YouTube:

To everyone reading this, we would like to make an appeal for donations of old clothing( there is much need for childrens clothing, especially school age children), shoes, blankets, food, medicines. We are conducting the drive in Manila, please email me at relief4iloilo@yahoo.com for drop off points for donations. There will be 2 drop off points, one in Makati and one in Paranaque. My best friends family, among those who have been very lucky to have been spared, are helping us out with the logistics in Iloilo. They will also be conducting garage sales and every portion of the sale will go towards purchasing rice, food, drinking water, medicines. If you want to make a donation, please click on the paypal link on the left side of the blog.

If anyone would like to help out with the shipping of the items, please do get in touch with me. We are trying to find a way to get the goods to Iloilo at the least cost.

Thank you to everyone who has been instrumental in this, we are very grateful and I just can't say my thanks enough.

May God bless you.


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