I've Got Monsters On My Mind and All Over My Desktop plus Part 1 of my QP Bonanza Freebie

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not the big, bad scary monsters though, just the sweet ones you would want to be friends with in an imaginary land. And yes, I've got them on my mind and on my desktop because I have been working on them for 2 weeks, trying to make each one of them perfect for you - all 300 dpi and meticulously created with lots of love. I've even given them names - be sure to read the kit description below, then you'll know that my monsters live in the World of Smoon and they're all ready to step through the secret doorway to come and reside on your layouts! What FUN!

I'm so excited, this is my first kit ever for sale! I do hope you all like it and will want to keep it in your arsenal :) It's S4H and S4O friendly, which is something that is really important to me because I like to scrap for others a lot!

Here is the big reveal:

Now available at Bouquet of Pixels and is 30% OFF as part of my New Designer on the Block Sale.

Welcome to the World of Smoon! The home of my cute little monsters.

In here you'll meet Bella and Ted, the Monosaurus sweethearts. Bella and Ted always have so much fun in Smoon! They have a "secret door", in a secret place (no I can't tell you where it's at, or it won't be a secret anymore) where they hop from one dimension to another to meet their friends.

Ted's best buddy is Othello. Othello is a shy little boy because he thinks he looks like a monster, but everyone thinks he's adorable. Bella has a pet called Bleep, a little furry tri-color mono-floppasaurus. Bleep loves to stay on the couch, he sometimes hides himself by making himself invisible. Be careful when you sit on the couch, just say "floo" so that Bleep will get out of your way.

There is also Taffy, who is a very, very silly little monster. She likes to play tricks and make everyone laugh. Flit is the fat little bug, who loves to change his clothes - all the time!

I case you meet Horace, don't be afraid and give him a hug, Horace loves hugs, he just can't get enough of them. Horace's best friend is little Bloop, he loves to hide under anything and pretends to scare them away. But don't be scared, he won't hurt you.

And of course there is dear old Fumble, who watches over the secret doorway. Fumble makes sure that everything is okay in Smoon and that only the good come into the doorway.

Come along with me and create fun, fun memories with my friendly, funny and silly monsters!

Contains over 60 elements (monsters, 2 beds, 2 couches, a "secret doorway", buildings, frames, ribbons, borders, staple, word art, cloud, sun, halftones, journal frames, notebook and lots more!)

An array of 20 textured, grungy and sweet and bold plain and patterned sheets to choose from, including a 12 x 24 scenic spread to build a story book style layout.

All for only $3.49 now at Bouquet of Pixels for a limited time. Hurry over there and grab it and have lots and lots of fun!

My dearest CT Susie (aka Psychozoe) has created some awesome layouts!

She made them into QPs and I want to give them away to YOU!

So head on over to her FUN FUN blog and grab them and while your at it - get to know her. She's a great person and I'm glad I'm getting to know her. Thank you Susie for your hard work and for believing in my designs, its gives me so much encouragement to continue. You may grab the QPs at her blog here: QP Bonanza Freebie 1

And once you get drawn to the World of Smoon, hop on over to Bouquet of Pixels and purchase my kit at 30% OFF so you can create so much more layouts where my monster's can happily reside :)

Please don't forget to come back here because I have more QP freebies for you in the next couple of days and an add-on kit to Monster!Monster!



psychozoe July 16, 2009 at 10:24 AM  

AWWWWWW I'm lovin the story about the monsters! I have become fond of them the last few days. Now I'm REALLY thinking of more layouts I can do with them... and, yes, I even have an idea for the little buildings LOL! Thanx for all the nice things you said about me! I am so happy we are in cahoots together! LMBO!

Lorie M Designs July 17, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Congrats Sassyindy! Glad to see another Filipina designer!

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